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5 Tips for Conducting a Seance

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January 29, 2016
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July 15, 2016
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5 Tips for Conducting a Seance

A seance is a session in which the living communicates with the dead. It’s more than just whipping out a ouija board and having a spooky time with a few laughs. Seances are serious business.

Conversing with members of the spirit world from the mortal world is a practice in many cultures around the world. But it’s not easy. It takes great concentration, belief, and paranormal understanding. While you can attempt to conduct a seance on your own—as a novice—its best to invite an expert to guide the meeting.

Usually, there’s at least one person with a vested interest in the seance. They may be trying to contact a deceased loved one to ask them a question or settle unfinished business. Other times, seances are a way to contact spirits who are haunting a dwelling or other building.

Hollywood is filled with seance scenes, and most of them are completely inaccurate. If you really want to commune with the dead, here are 5 tips for conducting a seance:

  1. Hold your seance at night—preferably after midnight, when spirits are most active and we are most attuned to them.
  2. Your circle of participants doesn’t necessarily have to include only believers in the paranormal. It’s OK that some are skeptic. However, they need to have an open mind. Nothing scares away the dead more than those who have little or no respect for the paranormal. Make sure your guests are in the right state of mind: serious, calm, quiet, and attune to the senses.
  3. You can help the process by making the ideal setting for the living and the dead to connect with each other. The right atmosphere should arouse the senses by being dark, close, and quiet. Sit close together—around a table or not. Light candles. It also helps to light —or better yet, diffuse the right essential oils., available at Eliminate distractions like phones and TVs.
  4. Choose the right medium. This should be someone who has had experience leading a seance. If such a person is not available, find someone who has exhibited psychic abilities.
  5.  Take your time. Don’t expect a connection right away. And don’t expect everyone in your circle to hear, see, or feel the same things. The connection to the spirit world is different for everone. Respect the process and allow things to unfold in their own way—the spiritual way.

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