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The ‘Sensible’ Ghost Hunters Checklist

  • Resident hears footstep
  • Wooden floorboards expanding or contracting due to changes in temperature/moisture/external influence
  • Sound from neighboring houses travelling along floor joists, which can sound remarkably like it’s coming from within your own home.
  • Other people in the house (you’d be surprised at how many times people are convinced everyone is outside, only to discover their young child had gone upstairs un-noticed!)
  • Water leak/dripping tap. This sounds crazy but I’ve attended homes in which a resident has believed there to be ghostly footsteps on the landing, which peculiarly only occurred when her Husband was in the shower! Cause? A slow, steady drip from one of the radiators onto the floor upstairs.


  • Cold breezes that come suddenly
  • The obvious one – open windows, or windows with perished seals, or open vents.
  • Other draughts, particularly underneath doors. In my own home, if you sit in the right spot in the lounge, you can often feel a cold chill coming directly from the hallway. Our front door is old and wooden and as a result, draughty! You wouldn’t think you could feel it from another room…but believe me you can.
  • Faulty thermostat messing with your mind! – you check the thermostat and it says the house is at a comfortable 20 degrees, so why is it when you sit down you feel so cold? Could it be a ghostly presence or is your body telling you something your thermostat isn’t?
  • Health conditions causing chills. It may seem like you’re prying into their private lives, but any good investigator should always consider the possible effect a person physical or mental health could have on their perception of their experiences. Many investigators follow a questionnaire which should always remain confidential, but which if answered truthfully, could provide the missing piece of the jigsaw when it comes to helping explain supposed paranormal activity.


  • Fleeting shadows/corner of the eye stuff
  • Usually when someone says they have seen something ‘move’ out of the corner of their eye, what they are referring to is probably just a trick of the light. I’ve had it happen myself, where I’ve felt sure that my Husband has walked past me, but when I look he’s not there. I don’t tend to put this down to anything paranormal, as I know now, having examined and tried to recreate the effect, that the positioning of some of the lamps in my home can cast unusual and sometimes unexpected shadows.
  • Potential eye conditions. Again it may seen nosey to enquire about someone’s health, but when investigating a case of a suspected haunting, you have to rule everything out before you can attempt to claim anything paranormal. Some eye conditions can cause ‘floaters’, ‘patches’ or ‘dark spots’ in the corner of the eye which I am told, can appear like a shadow moving slowly past. Retinal tears can also cause shadows in the lower corner of the eye.