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The Richard Hathaway UFO encounter Part 2

As printed in the April 2021 issue of the UFO Encounter publication.

Being just a couple of kids, we were overawed by what we had seen; we did not ask anything further. We could have asked many more questions, but remember, we were only a pair of children left in a state of wonder. They gave us some fruit and a shoulder hug and then set us down to the outside.

As soon as we left the ship the great door closed and the ship rose rapidly in the sky. We walked back to where the ship had been but there was not a trace of it ever having been there, only a few cows and ourselves looking in wonder. Our day at Heaton Park was now off, so we decided to spend the rest of the day on the riverbank in Drinkwater Park, Prestwich Clough. We decided to keep the encounter to ourselves for fear of being laughed at. I have not heard from Leo for the past 50 years, so I have decided to set the matter down in writing for the first time, as I am now 83 years old.

I think the ship we entered that day in August 1922 would on reflection be called a UFO today, but at that time we had never heard of such things and they were beyond our comprehension. I could not really analyse my feelings at the time, and for many years searched my mind for a reason for the encounter. Much later in life I accepted the fact that the great object was indeed not of earthly origin. This account is set down as it happened and is a true story. The reference to nuclear power words, fusion and fission, earlier in this article is my interpretation of what they told us. They did not use these actual words.