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But what if we’re thinking about ghosts in the wrong way. What if, far from being evidence of the eternal existence of the soul post-physical-death, they are simply other conscious beings just like us, living in a different layer of time and space. Occasionally we catch a glimpse of each other for whatever reason, but for the most part we exist separately, neither truly having evidence of the existence of the other.

It is concerned with the concept of black holes/vortexs in space which, some experts believe, if entered could cause us to enter into a ‘time slip’. From within this time slip it would be possible for time to slow down completely for us, whilst it continues along it’s usual route for those left on earth. Our loved ones would continue to age at the rate of 1 year per 365 days, but it may be that we would only age 1 earth-day. Einstein suggested that time was like a river, a current which seems to carry us forward. And just like a river, Einstein believed it was theoretically possible for the current to meander in odd ways, forming eddies and oxbows, and perhaps to even flow backwards at times.

According to the “time slip” theory, certain places are considered thin spots in time where leakage occurs between the ages, or between the layers of time. This leakage is most often auditory – bangs, knocks, footsteps, and shuffling are the most commonly reported ghost phenomena. Perhaps sound waves travel better through time than other things, for reasons we don’t fully explain.

And so, in ancient locations like inns, hotels and castles for example, various sounds and occurrences pass back and forth over hundreds of years, building evidence that a place is haunted.

So if we accept for a moment that time may not be linear, but in actual fact may travel in multiple directions, sometimes overlapping, then that would on paper offer an excellent explanation for sightings of Roman soldiers for example, or glimpses of a maid in the bedroom of an old hotel, a type of recording, but not in the way the stone tape theory suggests. What would be more difficult, but not impossible, to explain however are those seemingly intelligent types of phenomena in which we are receiving answers to questions from ‘the spirit world’.

Again however, this depends on what we believe the spirit world to be? If it is possible for us, the living, to attempt communication with the other-side, then isn’t it entirely possibly for those living in other layers of time and space to do the same? When we sit down to a seance for example and ask if there is anyone there who wishes to communicate, what if on some occasions we actually connect with a person or people LIVING in another time, also trying to make contact with what they believe to be the souls of the dead?

I am intrigued by this theory, but I can’t say I’m convinced it is accurate, and in the same way as many of you reading this I’m sure, I can see some glaring holes in the suggestion of time-slips explaining paranormal phenomena (why do we in the ‘present’ for example never receive messages from those living in a future time period, only it seems, the past? for if the theory were accurate, we are in our own way, living in the past surely and should be able to also ‘leak’ through the layers and into the future? What people living there of course would refer to as their ‘present’). But I do think that we should all take time to consider the effect that space and time may be having on our experiences. After all, we know very little about the abilities of the human mind, and the impact the laws of physics could be having on this. When combining the 2 therefore, how can we really say with any degree of certainty, that we understand the universe?