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Your Ghost-Hunting Starter Kit

Ghost-hunting can be an exciting hobby or a rewarding career, but it’s all dependent on using the right equipment. If you want to delve into the world of paranormal investigation, then check out this list of the ghost-hunting gear that you’ll need.

Full Spectrum Video Camera

Paranormal entities are often invisible to the naked eye, but a full spectrum camcorder can perceive and record movements that would otherwise be undetectable. Mount it in a room you’re observing or strap it to your chest for a mobile investigation, but a full spectrum video camera is the bread and butter of any good ghost hunter.

EVP Recorder

EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon, recorders are used to detect any sounds that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to understand using only the human ear. Turn this gadget on before a hunt and you won’t need to worry about checking on the recorder until you’re ready to go back and inspect your findings.

EDI and EMF Monitor

This is a multipurpose tool that serves as both an EDI, environmental detection instrument, and EMF, electromagnetic field sensor, to detect any significant changes in the temperature or electrical fields within your vicinity. Additionally, such a meter will detect changes in humidity, pressure and vibration to ensure that you’re made aware of and can record any paranormal activity on your hunt.

IR Night Vision Light

You’ve already got the full spectrum camcorder to record a ghost’s movements on camera, but you’ll still want an IR light to see if/when an item moves on its own. While a camcorder is great for checking your data after a hunt, a portable IR light allows you to be aware of your surroundings in the moment.

Gear Case

Because all of the instruments listed above are both delicate and crucial to paranormal investigation, it’s imperative that you invest in a hardshell case for your equipment. A paranormal investigation can quickly become hectic and intense, and you’ll need a case you can trust to protect your gear while you’re focusing on your work.

 Essential Oils

If you are actively seeking spirits as part of a seance, you may want to diffuse or burn some earthy essential oils to help create a connection to the other side. In an earlier post, we mentioned using Melaleuca’s essential oils to attract spirits. These Melaleuca products have a powerful effect on the olfactory senses, and oils essential oils like jasmine, frankincense, and clove create a calming atmosphere where ghosts may feel more welcome.

Happy Hunting

If ghost-hunting is your passion, then do yourself a favor and work with the best equipment possible. By investing in the items listed above, you’ll have your own ghost-hunting starter kit to help you begin your new career or hobby as a paranormal investigator.