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Where to go to learn about UFOs

Now that “disclosure” apparently has occurred (which, we all know really was the government just punting), it appears there is a slight uptick in the number of people showing an interest in learning more about the UAP phenomenon.

I often receive emails and texts from people asking for advice on where to go online to find more information about UFOs and UAPs. I’m glad they’re reaching out to me, because it will save them a lot of time considering I’ve walked the path they’re just now setting their feet upon.

So, in an effort to save even more time (my time), I’m putting all of my suggestions on where to go online to learn about UFOs in this lovely little blog post.

Where to go online to learn about UFOs.


The Phenomenon


Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers


The Day After Roswell

Encounter in Rendlesham Forest

Project Blue Book

YouTube Channels




Our Strange Skies

Podcast UFO

Hysteria 51