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As I’ve studied the phenomenon of UAPs and UFOs, my quest for truth has gone far beyond mere fascination with the crafts and learning who is operating them. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still very keen on solving those pressing questions, but, lately, my thoughts have been drawn to a deeper level in which I’m trying to find answers to the question: What is consciousness?

Before proceeding further with this article, let’s get a few foundational truths out of the way in order to clear the path for a conversation about consciousness.

Truth #1

UAP/UFOs that originate from other worlds are visiting our planet.

Truth #2

Because of Truth #1, non-human, biological, intelligent beings exist and are visiting our planet.

Now that we’ve established those two basic, foundational truths, let’s proceed with a conversation about consciousness.

First, what is consciousness? This question has perplexed truth-seekers since the dawn of recorded time. While many say they know the truth, the reality is, nobody knows the truth. Is consciousness a soul? A spirit? Does it look like a human? Is it a spark of energy? Where is consciousness housed? Does it reside in the heart? The brain? What happens when we die? Does consciousness continue to live? Does consciousness then transfer to another body/container?

These and other questions are the crux of our existence. In truth, they are the most fundamental existential questions ever posed.

So, understanding that nobody really has the answers, here is my best guess as to what consciousness is:

What is Consciousness?

(1) Consciousness is an intelligent energy

(2) Consciousness can take the form of a spirit body

(3) Consciousness can communicate telepathically

(4) Consciousness has agency to choose

(5) Consciousness can be embodied

So what does consciousness have to do with UFOs/UAP?

Some have surmised that extraterrestrials (at least some of them, including the greys), are interested in humans because our bodies are the perfect “containers” for consciousness. And the greys, which are ugly and have awful bodies, would love to have the ability to transfer their consciousness to a human body container. Hence, the many, many biological experiments where greys are trying to create hybrids of greys and humans.

It isn’t working, though, which is why the greys continue to harass Earth and her people.