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What are some famous Montana UFO Stories?

Montana is home to stunning natural beauty, expansive grain fields, and thousands of UFO stories! Yes, thousands. Montana is one of the hottest places on the planet to observe flying saucers and other alien craft. So, what are some of the more famous Montana UFO stories? Here are just three to get you started:

(1) Nick Mariana’s 1950 movie

This is considered the world’s FIRST video footage of a UFO. It happened in Great Falls, Montana. Nick Mariana was the manager of the minor league baseball team in town. While at the ballfield, he saw several UFOs flying around the city. Remembering that he had a personal movie camera in his car (hardly anyone had one in those days!), he raced to grab it just in time to take the now-famous footage of the UFOs flying around Great Falls.

(2) The Minuteman Missile drama

One of the most shocking and astonishing UFO encounters occurred when multiple missile silos in Montana went completely OFFLINE! This all occurred when airmen at the silos witnessed glowing red orbs hovering outside several of the silos. This account was covered up for many years because the government didn’t want to admit that it had lost control of multiple nuclear warheads at once–with no explanation!

(3) The Leo Dworshak story

Just over the border from North Dakota, and on the Montana side, Leo and his brother claim to have not only seen a UFO at close range but to have interacted and communicated with aliens from the craft. What’s fascinating about their account (Leo’s account), is the aliens appeared to look like humans. They also communicated with the brothers by saying:

“We are very real and we are from another galaxy. We have traveled to your planet for over five thousand years. We are from a place far beyond your world by millions of years in time. We continue traveling to your planet because it is part of our responsibility.”