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The Richard Hathaway UFO encounter Part 1

As printed in the April 2021 issue of the UFO Encounter publication.

The story you are about to read is true, even though some small discrepancies may have occurred over the time which has elapsed since the encounter took place.

At this time I lived with my parents and brothers in a small terraced house at the bottom of Prestwich Street in the village of Irlams o’th’ Height, which overlooked the Irwell valley. The A6 road bisected the village. Bank Lane ran down from the A6 to Irlams o’th’ Height railway station down in the valley. The road ended under the railway bridge. On the other side of the bridge were a couple of pastures, probably a quarter mile in length and very narrow, known locally as the “long fields”. One could traverse these fields on the way across the valley to Prestwich, in which district there was located Heaton Park. Heaton Park boasted a magnificent lake in which were five islands. This place was a magnet in summer for many schoolchildren, and although about four miles from home a goodly number of children from our side of the valley visited the park during holiday times.

I had a particular school friend by the name of Leo Parkes at this time. We were both nine years old when the encounter took place. Leo and I had planned to visit Heaton park on my birthday, Wednesday the 2nd of August 1922, weather permitting, and spend a day there, intending also to have a couple of hours on the lake and explore the islands. We intended to set out at about 9.30am, and mother prepared sandwiches for us for the day and bottles of lemon drink prepared from crystals.

Came the day, we duly set off down Bank Lane seeing that there was a mist in the valley. It seemed to be thicker over the “long fields”, but we attached no importance to this. When we were well in the fields we were amazed to see in the mist a very large cylindrical shaped object, rather like a long pipe with cone-shaped ends very much like the nose of the Concorde plane. Its total length must have been all of 150 feet and it was probably 20 feet in diameter. We thought at the time that it was probably something to do with the nearby Agecroft pit (colliery), a regular haunt of ours, so we decided to investigate.

As we got closer we saw it appeared to be resting in midair, about 3 or 4 feet from the ground. As we came ‘round the end we saw that there were lots of holes, about 12 inches in diameter in the end cone, and several tundish shaped objects beneath the main body. We also saw that a suffused light came from this side. We felt no fear and decided to approach closer. When about 20 feet from the structure, we saw a large door slide open and people moving inside. They were about five feet six inches tall, and dressed more or less identically in two-piece suits with tunic collars, except that the clothes were in many soft colours. A few wore a headdress resembling a small turban. It was easy to observe that there were two sexes: one looked more gentle and I thought of these as ladies. The “men” looked sterner but still gentle and kindly in appearance. They were all slim in build and some of both “sexes” had distinctive white rings round their sleeves, which both Leo and I took to be some kind of rank. Their faces and hands looked delicate, their faces being oval in shape, with large eyes and ivory skin, very pleasant and slightly oriental in appearance. Two people, one of each “sex” came to the large opening and beckoned us to come closer. I personally felt no fear and later, Leo said that he also felt no fear. As we approached we felt we were walking up a ramp, although we saw nothing.

As we stepped inside we were astounded to be addressed by the lady in English: “Welcome Richard and Leopold to our ship.”

They shook us by the hand and showed us round this large room in the centre of the craft. There were a number of control panels which would be called consoles today, people reading instruments and others lounging around on the couches and tables. They told us this room was a common room and that each person on the vessel had a small private lounge-cum-bedroom. Our two guides took us into a small room, sat us down in front of a screen and appeared to be projecting images of our insides onto the screen. They did not assault us in any way. They then took us on a tour of the other rooms, including their own private quarters. Each of the private quarters comprised a lounge with table, a couple of chairs, working desk, bookcase and various other bits and pieces. There was also a large screen on which country scenes were being projected. We recognised some of our own immediate surroundings. A curtained-off alcove contained control gear which we were informed were for driving, navigating and steering the ship. Other rooms were for controlling their armaments.

Most of the control gear was way over our heads and, as I recognise now, consisted of push buttons, indicator lamps, digital and analogue instruments, mimic diagrams and screens showing the actual operation of the particular plant being controlled. They told us that the prime movers for the electrical generators were “nuclear fusion” devices as opposed to “nuclear fission” devices, which the authorities on this earth would probably use for providing their energy sources in about the next 50 or 60 years. All this has come true. They said their system was intrinsically safe, whereas the system which would be used on Earth would be flawed.

As far as the actual armaments were concerned, I got the impression that a length of a beam of destructive light was fired out of the openings in the cone ends towards the object they were attacking, this beam (consider it like a shell fired from a big gun) being controlled from one of the small rooms. The lethal beam could be controlled in speed, direction and manoeuvrability.

We asked what the ship was made from. They said it was a special ductile, incorrodable substance mined on their planet, and when finished it was many times the strength of steel.

We asked how they knew our names when they asked us in. They said they knew by a system of thought transference they had perfected between themselves, and found out our names by intercepting our thoughts after we entered the ship. They pointed out that not many persons were actually speaking to each other, but were in fact communicating with each other by thought transference.

We asked if it was their intention to make war on us. The reply was “Definitely not.” They said their planet was dying; the total number of people on their planet was now only three million, and they were looking for a planet similar to ours but as yet unpopulated by humans. They thought our planet was overcrowded already and the people in general were very aggressive to each other as compared with themselves.

They said they came from another galaxy, but in the universe the number of galaxies was without end and the female being and the two boys inside the craft another of the beings described by Richard Hathaway 9 UFO ENCOUNTER many other planets in other galaxies were inhabited by many strange creatures, living in unbelievable environments. Creatures from planets from other galaxies, of unimaginable appearance had been spying on each other (except for us) from time immemorial. They said that our earth would start spying within 100 years. They said they had visited this planet over a hundred years ago

Their planet, they told us, was light years away but they had perfected a system of place and distance transference which accounts for millions of light years in hours. They could not enlighten us any further as the human brain was not sufficiently developed.