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Sleep Paralysis: Medical or Paranormal?

If you’ve ever experienced what scientists call “sleep paralysis” then you’ve experienced what most people describe as a truly terrifying episode. Indeed, the sufferer experiences a total paralysis of body, but remains awake and alert as a dark, ominous figure stands nearby. During the dreadful experience, the person is rendered completely helpless and often tries to cry out for help, only to be silenced by a paralyzed, immobilized tongue. For those who have tasted the awfulness of sleep paralysis, it’s a terrifying experience and a very real experience. And although science has tried to explain it away as some kind of sleep-deprivation episode, there are many who reject that notion, and instead believe whole-heartedly that what scientists call “sleep paralysis” is actually an experience with the paranormal.

John Henry Fuseli - The Nightmare.JPG

If you’re inclined to consider some of the paranormal explanations pertaining to sleep paralysis, here are just a few:

(1) A demon is temporarily possessing your body. After praying to God for help, the demon is then expelled.

(2) A ghost of a dead relative is attacking you.

(3) A space abduction is occurring.

Regardless of what you think or don’t think sleep paralysis is, one thing is universally true: it is a temporary state. Sufferers of sleep paralysis, though scared by it, usually only are affected by a brief episode and are awakened to find that all is in fact quite normal around them. No aliens. No ghosts.

So, what do you think? Is there a medical answer or does the answer to what sleep paralysis lying somewhere “out there.” Perhaps we’ll never know, but it’s worth asking.