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Is the UFO disclosure part of a conspiracy theory?

Something fishy is happening in the UFO/UAP world. With the UFO “disclosure” report due to the U.S. Congress in a few months, news of UFO encounters with government projects is becoming more common. Why? Is the government’s overt admittance of the reality of these one-off events a well-designed primer for a shocking disclosure that will occur in June and eventually usher in a staged UFO attack?

Does it seem odd to anyone else that in the span of just a few years, the U.S. Government has acknowledged the truth and existence of UFO encounters by the U.S. Navy (multiple times) and just last week, we saw the chilling news of a near-miss with the SpaceX Crew.

What’s super distressing to me, though, is that the world doesn’t give a fly’s butt that this is happening. I mean this SHOULD BE THE BIGGEST NEWS OF THE CENTURY!!!!

Yes, something smells fishy, and here’s what I think it all means.

The U.S. Government’s “shadow” government is involved with some serious Lucifarian work. The shadow government has been secretly working on UFO technology for the past 75 years. From the days of Roswell, many of the UFO craft sighted in our skies and abductions of citizens have been carefully designed by our own government.

The grays do not exist as real E.T.s The grays are biological robots designed to look super scary.

UFO technology was obtained not as a result of Roswell. UFO technology was obtained from an ancient craft that was found in an archaeological dig. The incident at Roswell was real, but it was staged with human-created “grays.” This event began a decades-long psychological operation building into the psyche that aliens are ugly and scary.

Soon, and I think very soon, the shadow government will stage what appears to be an attack by space aliens. This attack will be designed to freak out the entire world and galvanize the world population into accepting a new world order.

Yes, something smells fishy, and it’s not fish. It’s the government.

Don’t be fooled by their cover-up, folks. And they’ve been covering up A LOT!