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One of the most perplexing questions that ufologists are trying to answer is Who are the grays? And in the process of answering this question, many theories have arisen including the idea that grays are somehow demons. So are grays demons?

Here are my thoughts.

(1) Perhaps grays represent the 1/3 who were banished from God’s spirit realm.  At the time of banishment, they were spirit beings with no physical bodies. Yet, as spirit beings, they were still made up of spirit matter. Their banishment sent them away from the heavenly planet where they were living and forced them to be vagabonds dwelling (perhaps upon crafts) for eternity, with no planet to truly call home.

(2)    They dwell in their crafts which they hide from wide-spread human view either by concealing under the oceans or hiding in the skies in an “invisible” state. They don’t have homes upon this Earth, per se. Their homes are within their crafts. They are vagabonds.

(3)    Beginning with the expulsion of Adam from the Garden of Eden, they began their quest to create their own physical bodies in labs on board the spaceships.

(4)    How did they begin their bio experiments? They began by abducting early humans, extracting their DNA samples and then grew these “test-tube” babies in their spaceship labs.  When the babies grew to a sufficient size, they were then embodied by the spirits of the “grays.” The grays prefer to be in bodies (even if ugly) rather than just in spirit form. This principle is evidenced in the Bible when spirits eagerly jumped into the bodies of swine, which raced to the sea and drowned themselves. The bodies of grays are small, perhaps because they were grown in a lab. The bodies are deformed because the DNA sequencing is not perfected.

(5)    Some have a hard time reconciling the idea that God would allow grays to travel on UFOs and “interfere” with humans on Earth. After all, isn’t this God’s experiment? His Kingdom? Not theirs? While it is true that the humans that were placed upon this Earth to be tested and tried and obtain a body that would someday be perfected in the resurrection, spirits of the devil are allowed to interfere in certain ways with humans, even when humans object.  This principle is evidenced when humans become possessed by evil spirits.

(6)    There is something interesting about the “emotions” that the grays are reported to have. It seems that people report them as being “emotionless”. While they aren’t “mean” they aren’t “loving.”  It’s a strange sense of innocence (or lack emotional incompetence). Although 1/3 of the host of heaven was expelled, perhaps that doesn’t mean that the 1/3 were necessarily “mean” spirits? They were in disagreement with the plan and principles that God presented. They are also opposers of the principle of agency, which can explain why they don’t give pause when their abductees object to being taken. They use phrases like, “If only you knew how much you’re gaining from this experience”, and “don’t worry, it won’t hurt.” These phrases, while seemingly not harmful are in fact very harmful to those who believe in personal agency and don’t want to be tampered with.

Other thoughts: 

The fact that Grays have no sex organs communicates a very important theory, which is that these physical bodies were never intended to exist in the first place. In other words, if procreation isn’t naturally possible, then it stands to reason that their creation in the first place wasn’t natural. It was manufactured.