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What is the Pentyrch UFO Story?

You’ve most definitely heard of Roswell, but have you heard of Pentyrch? Termed the “Roswell of Wales” by UFO enthusiasts, the strange tale of a pyramid UFO being attacked in the small Welsh community by military forces is a mystery of epic proportions.

As the world awaits “full” (cough) UFO disclosure later this month, more media attention is being placed on recent UFO events, including this one from Wales.

What happened?

In 2016 (so not that long ago!), witnesses observed military aircraft flying at low speeds and low altitudes over the quaint Welsh community of Pentyrch. And although military aircraft flying over Pentyrch wasn’t all that unusual, considering their close proximity to a military installation, residents became concerned when the flights continued non stop, 24 hours a day, for days on end. Residents became irritated by the incessant noise of the planes keeping them awake at night.

It was during one of these sleepless nights that some neighbors decided to stay awake and see what the planes were up to during the night hours. After all, airplanes flying in circle-8 patterns over a small Welsh community is a strange occurance indeed.

It was that night, at around 2 a.m., that very strange things began to occur, including the emergence of a massive pyramid shaped UFO, other brilliantly-lit smaller UFOs, telepathic communication, and more. Tragically, it all ended with the pyramid-shaped craft being destroyed by military forces followed by a massive cover-up operation.

And although this all occurred at night, there were multiple witnesses to the account. These witnesses have not remained silent and are determined to get to the bottom of things. They need answers. We need answers. Earth needs answers.

Here is a great podcast telling more about the story. It inludes an interview with one of the primary witnesses to that fateful night.