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Basic need for haunting time


These should preferably be special plastic ones with zips, used to contain any material evidence that is found.


Some ghost hunters believe that paranormal activity can affect barometric pressure so it may be useful to take one.

Candles and Matches

These are essential items especially if your flashlight and equipment stop working.  Some ghost hunters believer that ghost energy can drain equipment energy and candles should be taken as a back up.

Ghost Stop cameraCameras

A 35mm camera with black and white film and/or infrared film is very useful for capturing any pictures.  Ensure that you have plenty of film. For best results use a film speed of no less than 200. A speed of 800 may produce better results although it will be very grainy.  It is also important that your camera has flash either its own or slave flash. Have all the film developed by experts and don’t forget a tri-pod to avoid camera shake. Buy from Ghost Stop.


A compass is not only very useful for navigation it is also great for picking up electromagnetic forces. A compass will react to any magnetic or electrical stimulus that may be out of the ordinary.  For this reason it is probably better to avoid an electronic compass instead use the needle points north kind.

EMF Detector.

These detectors can pick up electronic fields over different frequencies. Disruptions in electronic fields could possibly mean ghosts. Prices range from $24 to $130. Buy EMF detectors at the Ghost Stop store.

Extra Batteries

These are essential because ghosts are thought to be electromagnetic and this can cause batteries to run down quite quickly. Extra batteries will be essential for all of the ghost hunting equipment that needs it.

Infrared and Thermal Scanner

These devices accurately pin point cold spots, thus saving on time and infrared film.  Excellent for use in outside investigations. Prices range from $300 to $500. A non essential but useful item. Buy at the Ghost Stop store.

Night VisionNight Vision Video Camera

This device is similar to combining a video camera with a night vision scope and allows the recording of light not normally visible to the naked eye.  A good investigative tool. Buy at the Ghost Stop store.


Always keep records of times and events, this is very useful for documenting the investigation and especially if the study is to be replicated.  Pens and pencils are also essential.


Rapid drops in temperature has often been associated with the presence of a ghost.  As with the compass the old fashioned mercury filled, red-line thermometer is probably better than its electronic counterpart. A good thermometer can detect changes in room temperature quickly and where electromagnetic forces have been reported, an electronic device might fail or be wrongly affected. Buy at the Ghost Stop store.