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If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around, does the falling tree make a sound? When ghosts speak, can you hear them?

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Nothing in this world can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  Yet, with the certainty of death for everyone, making it one of the most commonplace events on the planet, why is it we know so little about it? Or, for that matter, what happens to us after death?

From near-death-experiences (NDE) to psychic readings, séances to angelic visitations, dreams, ghosts, and more, the fascination with the afterlife has gripped the interest of every generation in every corner and culture of the world.

A pop culture phenomenon

In today’s world, this fascination with the supernatural has evolved into a certifiable pop culture phenomenon. A trip to any book store will present shelves of popular books on the subject like “Heaven Is for Real: A little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back”  and “Life After Life.” The pop-culture presentation of life-after-death stories and ghost mysteries extends beyond the bookstore to include movies and documentaries, too. 

One newcomer to the ghost pop-culture scene, that seems to be attracting attention is Mary Ann Winkowski, resident of North Royalton, Ohio, who is sometimes referred to as the “Ghost Whisperer,” which was also the name of a CBS supernatural television series based on Winkowski’s experiences as someone with the “gift” to talk with dead people.

Winkowski claims to have the ability to speak with “earthbound” ghosts, or ghosts that haven’t crossed through the light to the other side, and instead spend their days haunting homes.  She points out, though, that most ghost “hauntings” aren’t sinister, but are merely instances of ghosts hanging around out of curiosity. 

This is where Winkowski comes into the picture.

Winkowski not only has the ability to communicate with wandering spirits, but she has the ability to send them on their way by creating a light for them to “cross over.”

Crossing Over

According to Winkowski, when someone dies, a light appears through which the person can willingly choose (or not) to cross through to Heaven.  Apparently, this light remains only temporarily and will disappear about 72 hours after the funeral concludes.  If the ghost fails to walk through the light, all is not lost, though. Winkowski says the light is a “universal” light and can be found at any funeral or memorial service.  If a ghost wants to, s/he could simply walk (fly?) to the nearest funeral home and a light will most assuredly be present to go through.

Winkowski is highly sought after by grieving families aching for final closure after the death of a loved one. Sometimes they want to convey a final message to their deceased loved one.  Other times, they want Winkowski to obtain information from the deceased person, such as “Where did you hide the keys to the safe?!”

Ghosts cannot read minds

One interesting thing Winkowski teaches is that if you want to know where the spirit of a deceased person is during their funeral, just look at the foot of the coffin. Apparently, the person’s spirit hangs out the foot of the casket. Also, she says that sports cannot read minds, so if you want to share a message with the ghost, you need to say it out loud.

Whether you believe or not, is up to you, but Winkowski seems to have a pretty loyal and steadily growing audience on her YouTube channel which has a vast library of videos.

As for me, I believe.