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Paranormal stories

Conduct Your Haunting Tours Safely!

Most seasoned investigators know that these spirits or ghosts love to feed off of energy. Given access to electricity, they will flicker your lights, turn TV's and radios on and off and play all kinds of tricks.There was also a national news bit where they visited a haunted area and attempted a report in the daytime. As the reporter turned on her microphone, she was baffled because her battery pack was dead. She swore it was brand new!

When there is no power in a building, they go after the batteries. When we filmed our Paranormal Witness segment, we were in a sound proof studio and all went dark as the power went off. After 10 seconds the producer found the door and began throwing a fit, to which the studio manager assured him a power loss was impossible! The producer didn't understand it...but I did.

All this as we know is common. Here is the warning. When taking along an observer, or conducting a tour of a confirmed haunted location, all should be warned of this possibility. Many people have batteries that they depend on to live! Whether they have hearing aids, or more seriously, pacemakers or defibrillators, they can be at great risk. In some cases their lives depend on these devices. Don't think it's just old geezers like me, because the youngest person I know using a pacemaker is only 24. The person with the hearing aid will know and it will not be fatal, but the other devices will only become obvious when needed and that could cause a death. Imagine the energy that could be drawn from a pacemaker with a 10 year battery life! Be responsible. When conducting a tour, ask that question! Do not allow people whose life depends on a battery to participate even if they are dumb enough to try.

Ghosts : 150 Years Later

In nearly two and half centuries of U.S. history, no single event claimed more American lives than the Civil War. Each bayonet brandished, bullet fired and cannon detonated was fixed to kill an American after all.Recent adjustments count American Civil War deaths at roughly 750,000, outpacing any other U.S. military engagement by a long shot.

Take the Department of Veterans Affairs estimates of the 116,516 and 405,399 American casualties, and their combined 521,915 deaths are still greatly eclipsed by Civil War losses. In fact, by taking another step and tossing in American deaths (battle and non-theatre) from the American Revolution (4,435). Amid such unimaginable destruction, emotional suffering and physical torment, it's no surprise that many Civil War sites are heralded as paranormal hotspots today. It certainly fits the mold of prevailing paranormal theory that so many grizzly deaths in one location may fuel the likelihood of a haunting. Prolific casualties at sites make them stand out as testing grounds for this theory. With an estimated 51,000 deaths, the Battle of Gettysburg stands ahead of the pack in terms of lives lost. While the Battle of Antietam's claim-to-fame - an estimated 23,100 battlefield deaths in a single day - are formidable and represent the most blood shed in a single day of American battle, the sheer immensity of losses makes it hands down the bloodiest battle in American history.

Happily Haunted - Ghosts in the Real World

For those of us who watch the of ghost shows on TV, the term "happily haunted" doesn't usually come to mind. Many of these shows focus on the more dramatic hauntings, and I have no doubt that the events depicted get at least a bit of a negative or dramatic twist in the editing process.

First, let's address the topic of demonic entities. Personally I used to think there really wasn't such a thing; now, unfortunately, I'm more convinced. In any case, demonic hauntings and possessions are thankfully rare. They are a whole different ballgame, and if you are venturing into the field of paranormal investigation, or if you have a negative or potentially demonic haunting in your own home, you might want to learn a bit more about the topic.

Aside from demonic cases, some spirit hauntings can also be negative in nature. Ghosts were people once, too, and people come from both ends of the niceness scale. Once a spirit is crossed over it is returned to its purest form, but the ones that are earthbound retain whatever personality traits, prejudices, and negativity they had while they were alive. Sometimes that's not a good thing. So if you happen to move into a home that's already occupied, it's pretty much pot luck as to whom you'll get as your new roommate. There are a lot of spirits out there I wouldn't want to run into anywhere, much less in my own home. More often than not, though, earthbound spirits are generally benign and can even be helpful. Over the years they may annoy you at times, but they can also tend to grow on you.

Living with Ghosts? What not to do

Having had much exposure to the paranormal in forty years, and having friends that were a psychic, an exorcist and a telekinetic, I still consider myself far from an expert. There is no standard profile that ghosts fit into. Each is unique in behavior and energy. However, having lived [not by choice] with multiple entities, I can certainly give advice of what ‘not’ to do, should you be forced to live with active and/or malevolent spirits.

They seem to thrive on emotional upheaval. In my book, because so many instances were painful and personal, I glanced over the depth of the emotional toll we suffered. My wife and I are now married for 45 years and were very much in love at the time and it seemed one or more of the entities sought to drive a wedge between us. We came very close to separating.

Don’t allow that. Avoid all arguments especially that center on the problem. I found myself in denial and even challenging the spirits to show more and more “proof.” While my wife felt I was playing with fire. She was frightened, and honestly, I attempted to maintain a false bravado. We fell into a constant tension and had disagreements almost emulating the relationship of a couple that once lived in this building that ended with the wife committing suicide. My sister’s marriage actually did. If you must stay in house that is occupied by a malevolent spirit, fight against allowing it to turn you against one another. It is their game and believe me they are very good at it. There are a number of these “ghost hunting” programs where clearly they begin arguing on site over missing cables, or things not being set up correctly and ‘on camera’ bickering begins. They never realize that before they entered the ‘site’ they were getting along perfectly. Avoid being played.